Creating and managing virtual machines

The script which you've run above has set up Virtlet, started virtual machine with cirros image, started a nginx pod which is exposed via Service. Let's check how it all works.

The script will ssh into a cirros-vm before finishing. Switch to another console and list the pods:

kubectl get pod

cirros-vm and nginx pod are both listed. Now list the services:

kubectl get svc

Now go back to the first console where you are logged in the cirros-vm. If you disconnected from it you can reconnect with virtletctl ssh cirros@cirros-vm -- -i virtlet/examples/vmkey. Check that you have internet access:


Make sure that the cluster network is also accessible from within the pod. Retrieve some data:

curl nginx

Disconnect from the VM using Ctrl-D.

View Pod details

Use the kubectl get and kubectl describe commands to view details for the cirros-vm pod:

View the logs of a Pod

Use the kubectl logs command to view the logs for the cirros-vm pod:

kubectl logs cirros-vm

Attach to the VM

Use the kubectl attach command to attach to the VM console:

kubectl attach -it cirros-vm

To exit use CTRL-] key combination.

Create new Ubuntu VM

Now you can create another virtual machine. Let's create Ubuntu VM from Virtlet examples:

cat examples/ubuntu-vm-with-testuser.yaml
kubectl apply -f examples/ubuntu-vm-with-testuser.yaml

This example also shows how cloud-init script can be used. Here new user: testuser is created and also an ssh key is injected. Wait for ubuntu VM:

kubectl get pod -w

Now attach to the VM using testuser/testuser credentials:

kubectl attach -it ubuntu-vm-with-testuser

Check if it also has internet connection using the same method which was used for cirros-vm above.

Use in Deployment

Because Virtlet VMs are just normal pods you can create Deployment, DaemonSet or even StatefulSet from Virtual Machines:

cat examples/deploy-cirros-vm.yaml
kubectl apply -f examples/cirros-vm-deployment.yaml

When it's ready you can scale it:

kubectl scale --replicas=2 deploy/cirros-deployment