Virtlet CI

Virtlet uses CircleCI for building binaries, docker images and running the tests. The CI configuration resides in .circleci/config.yml file. You can sign into CircleCI, and make it run tests for your own fork of Virtlet by connecting it to your GitHub account.

There are some conventions about branch naming that are respected by CircleCI. Namely, branches with names ending with -net will be checked with extra e2e jobs that examine Weave, Flannel and multi-CNI based network setups. For branches with names ending with -ext-e2e, all the jobs that are run for -net branches are run, as well as an additional job that verifies Virtlet against a Debian OpenStack image. For branches with names ending with -docs only documentation will be built. For master branch, the same policy is used as for -ext-e2e branches.

Also, you can append [ci skip] to your commit message to have CI skip the particular commit/PR altogether.